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Find the Best Bargains at Mavros Toys

Your child is begging you for the latest Disney toy, Lego sets, or Marvel action figure. Don't panic! You can find them all at Mavros Toys on and for a lot less than you might expect. We are always finding the lowest prices for the hottest toys and bringing them to you right here in Cyprus.
Action Figures and Popular Games
No matter what your child or grown-up kid follows, we have all the gear and games for trending topics. Find the latest Harry Potter play set, Batman action figure, and Disney Princess dolls to feed their particular fandom. Do you need it for their birthday celebration in a few days? No problem. We offer fast free shipping on every purchase that meets our minimum requirement.
Dolls and Girls Play sets
Whether your little girls loves to cook, build machines, or dress her favorite doll, our girls section offers toys that feed her creativity and individuality. Her Barbie can go camping, run a hair salon, or provide a check up. You can even have a spaceship land to join in her other imaginary adventures. You will find all of our toys at Mavros listed at low prices that fit your budget. You can even find a pedal-car or a bicycle that helps her explore her growing physical abilities.
Fun for Every Age from Infant to Teens
At Mavros Toys we cater to every kids of every age. Find the soft toy animals your baby loves to snuggle. Discover a world of play with enrichment play sets that grab their attention and help them improve motor skills. Look for quality toys from Fisher Price and Little Tikes to fill their nursery with love. Just click to fill up your shopping cart! Our online toys by Mavros are available at all hours of the day and night.

Board Games for Every Age and Lot of Fun

The best choice for a family toy is a board game. At Mavros Toys we do have a huge range of board games in both greek and english languages. Mavros Toys offers the top branded board games such as Habro, Mattel, AS company, Giochi Preziosi and many more!