Spartan Gear - Agoge Wired Headset. 

(Compatible with PC, Playstation 4, XboxOne, tablet, mobile).

Having a great gaming headset is by far one of the best ways to improve your setup as well as your gaming experience. Given the rise of audio quality in games, and the increasing need forreliable and clear communication, having one of the best gaming headsets will serve you the best. This Spartan Gear headset will play the part in enjoying the benefits of a deep gaming experience.


  • Dual dynamic drivers for sound quality & rich bass
  • Powerful 6mm active speakers
  • Removable microphone for gaming use
  • Inline remote controller with built-in microphone for mobile use
  • Soft rubber earplugs in 3 sizes
  • PC adapter cable included


SKU: ENA052559
Playstation 4
  • Spartan Gear

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